Amber Initiatives offers a training course in Plymouth, UK. This 10 days course is ideal for those working in school education and would like to gain greater competences in supporting children from migrant background.  


  • Different categories of migrants: forced migrants, labour migrants and other categories
  • Barriers to inclusion that migrant children may face
  • Challenges for local authority and schools when dealing with migrants families
  • Successful approaches to increasing engagement
  • Critical relationship between educational establishments and NGOs in supporting children from migrant background
  • Visits to local schools 
  • Practical activities in the field related to the participants’ setting: analysis of education institution’s capacity and target group, barriers and ways to overcome them.
  • Development of strategic approach.  
  • Learning outcomes:
  • Improved competences, linked to the participants’ professional profiles:
  • Increased English language skills
  • Increased knowledge of migration related issues
  • Increased analytical skills
  • Increased knowledge of different ways how to meet the needs of children from migrant background 
  • Increased creativity and motivation


  • To increase the competences and skills of school staff, linked to their professional profile and a need of schools to address issues associated with European migration.
  • To increase awareness and understanding of practices, policies and systems in education.
  • To promote greater understanding and responsiveness to social, linguistic and cultural diversity in school settings. 
  • To increase ability to address the needs of the disadvantaged children;
  • To improve participants’ confidence in developing appropriate approach and strategy to provide targeted educational support for migrant children.
  • To increase capacity and international dimension of organisations active in education.
  • To allow teachers to meet colleagues of different nationalities within the EU, discuss their background and cultural differences, share ideas on official and unofficial programmes supporting integration of migrant and minority pupils, and build a network of FL teachers for future cooperation.

In long term run, the course aims to help schools create and sustain a welcoming and inclusive environment for pupils and parents from all backgrounds and ensure equal access for all.

Evaluation strategy:

A successful Erasmus + project can be highly beneficial to your school, your staff and your pupils. Therefore, your project should be part of the development/strategic priorities of the school that will have impact on all aspects of school life.

Teaching/Learning approach:

This course uses a wide variety of communicative activities to develop language competence as well as introducing practical and creative classroom ideas. Please note that this course is offered on various dates throughout the year.

Target Group(s) :
  • Non-governmental organization staff
  • School management
  • Teachers & school staff: primary level
Competences: Didactics, Intercultural awareness
Subject: ICT, Inclusive and special needs education, school management, Pedagogy and didactics
Competence Oriented Approach:

The course aims to describe and analyse the main characteristics of different categories of migrants, with a special focus on background and development aspects. The course takes into account forced migration and labour migration as well as additional resources a school should have and the benefits of partnership working to support newly arrived children. The training focuses on the development of teachers' professional competences.

Blended Learning Modalities:

Through a combination of methodology sessions, case studies, practical activities in the field and visits to local schools, you will examine the critical relationship between educational establishments and NGOs in supporting children from migrant background. Participants will get an insight into a range of issues affecting migrant children and explore ways to address the multitude of barriers they may face.

European Dimension Guaranteed:


Date/s of the Course:
  • from 2020-09-16 to 2020-09-25
Course Website:
Name of the organising institute: Amber Initiatives
Where to apply:

Contact persons:
Participation Costs 700
Course Venue Address: The Crescent 9a
PL11DJ Plymouth
United Kingdom
Organisation Address: The Crescent 9a
PL1 1DJ Plymouth, Devon
United Kingdom