1. Public speaking fast training
  2. Professional themes Discussing your organisation around key business lexis such as: Brand,Change, Communication (incl. social media), Company culture, Development, Governance, Market, Products/Services, Project, Quality, Results, Strategy
  3. Improving and developing Intercultural Communication & Soft Skills
  4. Focused grammar
  5. Pronunciation & Listening Skills, Mother tongue interference Minimal pairs, Consonant clusters, Problem sounds, Stress at word level, Stress at sentence level, Contrastive stress, Linking sounds, Elision
  6. From local to global, present your company, strategies and make business worldwide
Evaluation strategy:

Usually is needed to fill an LMA LEARNING MOBILITY AGREEMENT. Participants and training providers fix all the general details like:

- description of the training;

- main aims;

- description of the activities;

- learning outcomes;

- period.

This document is signed by all partners.

Research of quality is an "ongoing process".

Teaching/Learning approach:
  • Cross-sectorial training and educational programs mixing intercultural activities and social moments,
  • Development of European Citizenship Education,
  • Development of International trainings at local level,
  • Involvement of a team of international trainers,
  • A close cooperation with schools at each level,
  • Direct involvement of Italian teachers,
  • A real and concrete contact with the local community.
Target Group(s) :
  • Company staff; Recent graduates / Students; Teachers & school staff: primary level
Assessment Methods:

JUMP ALWAYS foresees a specific session on Erasmus Plus  which in many cases changed and improved the quality of the training and educational system. In this session the topic of the importance of self evaluation of participants is faced which depends on them.

An EVALUATION SESSION is also organized but it is necessary to start since the beginning to reflect on the 8 Key competences for the Life Long Learning and then to be able to fix it by writing down the personal evaluation on the process of learning and living the experience with us: at professional, intercultural and human level.

JUMP philosophy and method are based on Non Formal Education. We hate questionnaires so our evaluations and our "certificates moments" are always "not a final moment of an incredible week in Italy" but a "first step for future cooperation working together".

Competences: Didactics, Communication, Networking
Subject: Language, Professional development
Documentation Certification: yes
Date/s of the Course:
  • from 2020-09-08 to 2020-09-15
Course Website:
Name of the organising institute: Jump ASSOCIAZIONE CULTURALE Gioventù in risalto
Where to apply:,

Contact persons:
Participation Costs 420
Course Venue Address: Via San Nicola 15
Organisation Address: Soverato