This course is about how to empower people in order to change their communities.


Community organising is about empowering people and making their voices heard and about achieving long-term and sustainable changes in the community. Regardless of the location (a housing estate, a village or a city) and issue (increasing number of bins, renovating old playground, blocking the building of a transmitter tower or enhancing public transport connections in a city), it allows to show ordinary citizens that they can have impact on their surroundings and be active actors in the public space. 

We offer a course of basic community organising methods and tools used in an every day life of community activists, leaders and organisers.

The authors grouped this course into 3 pieces: organizer in organizing, group in organizing, community inorganizing. Such a proposition makes the school logical as a whole and complete process.



Teaching/Learning approach:

The course will be consisting on different learning approaches as well as different educational techniques such as:


● Activating exercises - in pairs or small groups based on Kolb's learning cycle

● Group discussions

● Training games

● Auto diagnosis techniques used for raising the awareness and capacity building

● Facilitation techniques

● Good practice sharing sessions

● Feedback sessions

● Study visits



Target Group(s) :
  • Community leaders/activists/organizers
  • Volunteers
Assessment Methods:

At the end of the course participants will be ask to prepare their 6 months action plan including adapting different techniques of community organizing model. Participants will have a chance to ask for advises through our mentoring system of giving online private sessions. At the end of their action plan participants will be asked to evaluate their effort in the final individual assessment.

Competences: Intercultural awareness, Communication, Networking, Active citizenship, Ctitical thinking
Subject: Non-formal adult training, thinking skills, Leadership training
Certification: Yes
Blended Learning Modalities:

After the face to face 5 days course participants will get a chance to acquire more knowledge going through two online courses on

European Dimension Guaranteed:

The course is international and in English. The findings from the course are ready to be used in many diffeferent communities all around Europe.

Documentation Certification: yes
Date/s of the Course:
  • from 2020-07-12 to 2020-07-18
Course Website:
Name of the organising institute: Center for Community Organizing
Where to apply:

Please contact Mr. Maros Chmelik

Contact persons:
  • Maros Chmelik
Course Venue Address: Námestie mládeže 587/17
96001 Zvolen
Organisation Address: Námestie mládeže 587/17
96001 Zvolen