Participants in this course will learn all about the Finnish educational system by visiting schools with an outstanding quality development plan in Joensuu North-Karelia (Finland).


One the one hand, Finland developed an education system to tackle the challenges of the future, but on the other hand the system is embedded in Finnish culture and tradition. The country succeeded in merging tradition and innovation.

The system strengthens the profiles of the teaching professions by starting with a thorough initial teachers training,  facilitating teacher continuous development, supporting teachers in developing innovative teaching and assessment methods; strengthening leadership in education, including distributed leadership and teacher leadership.

Participants to this course will learn about the Finnish educational system by visiting schools with an outstanding quality in Joensuu North-Karelia (Finland).  Finland provides increasing access to affordable and high quality education and care, and enhances the quality of systems and provision, in order to foster appropriate development of all learners.

Example of programme:

Focus 1: The Finnish society and Educational System: criteria for success.

Focus 2: Quality management in education.

Focus 3: The role of the teacher and teacher training reform.

Focus 4: Transfer of quality elements to local context and action plan.

Focus 5: Inclusion and differentiation.


  • Exchanges of ideas with teacher and management staff;
  • Cultural interaction with the local students and teachers;
  • Information sessions on quality plan, inclusion, didactical approaches, special needs education.
Target Group(s) :
  • special needs Teachers and school staff
  • secondary level, teachers and school staff
  • primary level, teachers and school staff
Assessment Methods:

Permanent evaluation and feedback during the course. Warm evaluation at end of the course. Written evaluation after the course.

Subject: school management, Evaluation, educational leadership
Competence Oriented Approach:

The course methodology is based on interactive lectures in schools and teacher training institute, study visits to primary and secondary schools, and contact and discussions with teachers from Finnish schools.

Blended Learning Modalities:

Use of digital interactive software. Use of digital learning environment before, during and after the course (Canvas Instructor). Use of digital storage of shared information (Google Drive or Dropbox).

European Dimension Guaranteed:

The course is the result of a previous international project or collaboration. In Finland we have a partnership with a local in-service training organization, the Finnish Education Consortium RIVERIA, PIC 947752954. We have an active policy to include as many different nationalities as possible.

The course is based on and inspired by international research and literature. Participants coming from different EU countries ensure there is discussion and exchange of knowledge and experience.

Date/s of the Course:
  • from 2020-01-27 to 2020-01-31
Course Website:
Name of the organising institute: Eekhout Academy PIC 947859169
Where to apply:

Eekhout Academy Website: E-mail:

Contact persons:
  • Charlotte Depoorter
ECTS/ECVET Points: 3
Participation Costs 650
Course Venue Address: Joensuu