Train teachers will be able to:

  • Help children recognize the concepts that emerge as they grapple with the environment, make hypotheses, recognize similarities and differences, and solve problems.
  • Use games to teach social Skills.
  • Provide social knowledge while allowing children the opportunity to learn the physical and logico-mathematical knowledge that helps them understand the world around them.
  • Choose the best materials and tools in order to provide the motivation for children’s exploration and discovery.
  • Use games to teach foreign languages.
  • Use games to teach literature.

This course includes:

  • meeting with an expert with the method Learning by playing, who will explain how to use games in classroom. Brainstorming. Sharing new ideas and new games.
  • Introduction to Game based learning and Gamification in education. Gamification theory. Why use games at school? Group and individual work.
  • Using co-creative, experiential and activating methods in game based learning. Authentic environment as game ground. Combining games and mobile technology. Creating games on SmartFeet-platform
  • Playing of demo game. Working in pairs with SmartFeet.
  • The role of education technology in education field, for career evolution , communication system in the life of the student. Lesson: Learning to communicate with the right words and the right tone, learn to use the correct methods in any kind of situation. Organization skills . Instruct the students to be ready to create their own career according to the labor market.
  • Lesson/Meeting with successful men and women, who were able to apply their skills in the field of labor. Questions and answers time: How to invest in themselves How to build a rock-solid reputation Learn how to write a motivation letter and a CV Learn how to face a job interview
Teaching/Learning approach:

In the framework of Erasmus Plus Programme, the courses are going to be developed based in both formal and informal education methodologies. Initially, there will be an introduction of the new methodology and also a theoretical approach.

Target Group(s) :
  • Teachers & school staff
Competences: Didactics, Communication, Networking
Subject: ICT, school management, Pedagogy and didactics, Leadership training, STEM and STEAM
Competence Oriented Approach:

Education and project management; History, social science, economics, geography; Pedagogy and didactics; Science, maths, geography, environment (STEM)

Blended Learning Modalities:

In order to stimulate the active participation of participants dynamic activities will be used, like: study cases; discussions in the classroom with directors of private institutes; role-plays; guidelines, technical visits , meeting with experts, using the method of learning by playing, who will explain the secrets of the method. Coursework will contain a mix of theoretical and practical knowledge.

European Dimension Guaranteed:


Date/s of the Course:
  • from 2020-07-08 to 2020-07-15
Course Website:
Name of the organising institute: ULUSLARARASI YABANCI DILLER KURUMU
Where to apply:

Contact persons:
Participation Costs 490
Course Venue Address: CAMBRIDGE
United Kingdom
Organisation Address: Kirsehir