A course aimed to bring about the concept of validation and competence oriented learning to facilitators of volunteering actions.


Volunteering is an important way for people to develop themselves, by building new relationships and gaining a whole set of life skills that can improve their employability. It serves to gather important experience in unknown fields, to develop social, personal and organisational competences.

However, the competences acquired in volunteering are rarely assessed and validated; hence, they are “lost” in the CV of the volunteers, even though employers state how important they are when it comes to selecting a new employee. Also, there is a lack of feasible and easy-to-use instruments for validating informal learning in volunteering.

The course developed in the framework of the 2-year Job Bridge project (12/19-02/21, Erasmus+)  aims to enable representatives from volunteering organisations and adult education organisations welcoming volunteers to implement competence-oriented approaches with volunteers and validate competences acquired in the voluntary activities.

Teaching/Learning approach:

The course will be delivered through different methods such as group work, discussion and reflective rounds, seeking to promote the active participation of participants by inviting them to share their experience, knowledge and personal resources in regards to competence-oriented learning and validation approaches in volunteering.

Assessment Methods:

One of the central topics of the course is assessing and evidencing competences by means of the validation system LEVEL5 – we will also use LEVEL5 for assessing and evidencing the learning outcomes of our course participants. A LEVEL5 certificate evidencing the progress of the participants will be issued.


The learning progress of the participants will be documented by means of the LEVEL5 system (https://reveal-eu.org/level-5).

Certification: Yes
Competence Oriented Approach:

The aim of the course is to bring about the concept of validation and competence oriented learning to facilitators of volunteering actions. It seeks to enable them to further develop their offers and activities into learning experiences that make a difference also in the career pathways of the volunteers. They learn how to make learning perceivable and how to plan, assess and evidence rather informal ways of learning in their volunteering contexts. Hence, the course focusses on validation of informal and non-formal learning (VINFL) and Competence Oriented Learning (COL).

Blended Learning Modalities:

The course is organised in a blended learning format consisting of three components: Self-learning (inaugurated by a webinar), 3-day face-to-face course and a follow up phase (transfer phase).

European Dimension Guaranteed:

The course was developed by a consortium of eight European partners from seven countries (Germany, France, Bulgaria, Belgium, Italy, Spain and UK) and reflects the state of affairs in terms of validating competences acquired in volunteering in Europe.

Documentation Certification: yes
Date/s of the Course:
  • from 2021-11-22 to 2021-11-24
  • from 2022-02-02 to 2022-02-04
  • from 2022-05-04 to 2022-05-06
Course Website: https://job-bridge.eu/
Name of the organising institute: BUPNET GmbH
Website: https://www.bupnet.eu/
Where to apply:

Please send an e-mail to Sabine Wiemann at info@job-bridge.eu

Contact persons:
  • Sabine Wiemann swiemann@bupnet.de

An electronic badge, presenting the competence development of the participant will be issued on completion of a defined number of learning activities provided on the Job Bridge e-learning platform.

Participation Costs 300
Course Venue Address: Am Leinekanal 4
37073 Göttingen
Organisation Address: Am Leinekanal 4
37073 Göttingen