S.O.S. ECE Education in action is a brand new training on the so-called European Citizenship Education which is a subject still not taught in the most of the European educational systems. There are many possible lesson plans on European topics and many tools provided by the European Commission, websites and EU projects aiming at training teachers to teach “Europe at school”.

This training will give participants a general overview on EU guidelines and policies creating a common base of knowledge and promoting a positive sense of community and critical spirit. Another aspect of the training is the method. Schools are still very formal and teachers don’t know how to improve Non Formal Education and Innovative approaches while teaching, especially those methods which imply the break of barriers and common cultural walls.

The actual educational guidelines ask teachers to be able to communicate more and make teaching appealing, international, transversal and funny. With ECE Education they are possible to become more "European Teachers" and start a new teaching process widening the network and opening minds, creating cooperations, innovative skills and competences of all. Knowing more about Europe and its opportunities means to have a bigger perspective and be involved in many networks, know more information and be able to explain what is happening in the European Union and in the world.

The title S.O.S. refers to the intention to deliver teachers a "Tool kit" of lesson ideas, methods, practical and technological games which are offered or can be created by teachers once they know how, useful also to cover those moments while a European subject can cover other specific subjects. ECE Education is transversal and can be taught at different levels also creating debates (if secondary school). This subject can be useful to fill holes in the school schedule when subject teachers are absent and other teachers can enrich the curriculum with innovative European lessons.

Target Group(s) :
  • Recent graduates / Students; Teachers & school staff: primary level; Teachers & school staff: secondary level
Competences: Intercultural awareness, Networking, Active citizenship
Subject: Ageing, active citizenship and self-directed learning , Professional development
European Dimension Guaranteed:

Erasmus+ KA1

Documentation Certification: yes
Date/s of the Course:
  • from 2020-11-17 to 2020-11-24
Course Website:
Name of the organising institute: CTE Closer To Europe Network
Where to apply:

Contact persons:
Participation Costs 420
Course Venue Address: Via San Nicola 15
Organisation Address: Via San Nicola 15