TICO Training doesn't want to be theoretical but practical fostering working in groups combining continuosly teaching methods and the use of technology.

Main aims:

  • explore through non formal education the main European guidelines on this topic
  • create a team of “European Innovative Teachers” taking part to the training building bridges to work together also in the future (teambuilding)
  • dedicate 4 full days on working with ICT in education
  • acquire competences in videomaking (1 day), blogging (1 day), creation of dynamic presentations, graphic, infographic (1 day), webdesign (1 day)
  • put in practice divided into groups directly in classroom (in a local JUMP school partner) the new competences working with Italian teachers and students at each level
  • understand the italian educational system and work with a local school exploring its life and organizational aspects (job observation)
  • learn new evaluation methods with non formal education and outdoor education
  • foster teachers awareness of their key role in Education in Europe and empower selfesteem, self consciousness, enthusiasm and spirit of initiative
  • develop entrepreneurial skills and explore transversally also the actual labor market at global level
  • develop communication skills and improving language skills and expression
  • promote the schools taking part to the training at international level and in the local context of Soverato
  • develop future ideas and possibile sinergies among participants for European projects  


MODULE 1: Communication today and teaching. Teaching is communication and the school communities. Media education and the impact of media in our life and work. MODULE 2: Video making. Short plenary of the trainer. How video making makes classes interactive and innovative. Plenary on the use of a video making program for the creation of the video of the week. How to organize the work and planning starting for the “story-board”. Group activity: “Paper, pencil and ideas” for the video of the week

MODULE 2: sharing first ideas and results of the previous day

Starting the MODULE 3: blogging. Teachers bloggers today and writing for the web. Building teachers and students competences with the creation of a class blog, interacting with students, use of images and videos, involvement of the students as a “press team” for the creation of critical thinking, mass media opinion and growing entrepreneurial skills for all

MODULE 3: sharing first ideas and results of the previous day

Starting the MODULE 4: teachers supporting the school to communicate. How to create dynamic presentations online and info graphics, videos to promote the schools activities.

Evaluation strategy:

Usually is needed to fill an LMA LEARNING MOBILITY AGREEMENT. Participants and training providers fix all the general details like:

- description of the training;

- main aims;

- description of the activities;

- learning outcomes;

- period.

This document is signed by all partners.

Research of quality is an "ongoing process".

Teaching/Learning approach:

TICO Training is an innovative structure of an intensive training lasting 5 and a half day which explores innovation in all its aspects. Teaching is Innovation. It's right. Teaching is Communication. This is also right. But also Outdoor Education and in this case we mean, that the windows of classrooms have to be opened to the outside world. Literature on this topic is broad and is filling the web with many articles and websites recollecting tools.

Target Group(s) :
  • Company staff; Teachers & school staff: primary level
Assessment Methods:

JUMP ALWAYS foresees a specific session on Erasmus Plus  which in many cases changed and improved the quality of the training and educational system. In this session the topic of the importance of self evaluation of participants is faced which depends on them.

An EVALUATION SESSION is also organized but it is necessary to start since the beginning to reflect on the 8 Key competences for the Life Long Learning and then to be able to fix it by writing down the personal evaluation on the process of learning and living the experience with us: at professional, intercultural and human level.

JUMP philosophy and method are based on Non Formal Education. We hate questionnaires so our evaluations and our "certificates moments" are always "not a final moment of an incredible week in Italy" but a "first step for future cooperation working together".

Competences: Communication, Mathematical, science, technology and engineering, Creativity, Ctitical thinking
Subject: ICT, Evaluation, Pedagogy and didactics, thinking skills, Combating failure in education, quality control, Change management and strategy of working with self-directive teams, Professional development
Competence Oriented Approach:
  • Cross-sectorial training and educational programs mixing intercultural activities and social moments,
  • Development of European Citizenship Education,
  • Development of International trainings at local level,
  • Involvement of a team of international trainers,
  • A close cooperation with schools at each level,
  • Direct involvement of Italian teachers,
  • A real and concrete contact with the local community.
Blended Learning Modalities:

Use of Non Formal Education methods.

Documentation Certification: yes
Date/s of the Course:
  • from 2020-06-23 to 2020-06-30
Course Website:
Name of the organising institute: Jump ASSOCIAZIONE CULTURALE Gioventù in risalto
Where to apply:,

Contact persons:
Participation Costs 420
Course Venue Address: Via San Nicola 15
Organisation Address: Soverato