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I am very grateful for this great opportunity to experience working and living for a while abroad. I think job shadowing is generally a very valuable opportunity for all people in the adult education sector that would want to make working experience abroad but that for job, family or any other reasons never get / take the chance to actually go abroad. Job shadowing – it offers a perfect and kind of “secure” frame for going abroad for a well defined period of time – makes you get the feel for what it means to work and live in a new social, cultural and professional context. It offers the great chance to meet new people and to actually live Europe. I strongly believe that these personal encounters with other European individuals make grow Europe together and make us feel that we belong to Europe and not only to our nations.

In addition, I would like to mention that, apart from the above mentioned achievements and impact, I feel that I have personally and professionally grown. Being in a new context made me reflect on and re-think my way of working and on our way of organising our working processes. I identified the working patterns that I am / we are trapped in. Now back home I will try to reorganise these working processes to make them more efficient, on the one hand, and but also – and this is maybe even more important – more satisfactory, on the other hand.