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 RE-DIRECT stands for Regional Development and Integration of unused biomass wastes as Resources for Circular products and economic Transformation.

 It is an approach to develop alternative coal products from organic wastes, based on an innovative technology developed at the University of Kassel and firstly implemented Baden-baden (DE) and near Bangor (Wales).

We have participated in the CPD which is a blended learning course consisting of a powerful e-learning and web-development environment and a 2 day training event in Baden-Baden. We also particpated in an additional module on Product development from alternative charcoal, which is a 3-days Design Thinking workshop.  



RE-DIRECT aims at sustainable regional development based on the idea that an intelligent use of waste biomass opens the door to the Circular Carbon Economy.

The course was extremely interesting - we met 100 people in Baden-Baden from 10 European member states and learnt a lot - not only about the technology but also on economic aspects, product development and value chain development.

Our group already created 3 prototypes for alternative products from charcoal and we are eager to present them during the next f2f session in Wales!

Have a look at the RE-DIRECT Trailer

Steffi, blinc cooperative Essen